Birthday Pleasure Match – With Bro In-Law Richard Wilde

Birthday Pleasure Match – With Bro In-Law Richard Wilde
Venue: Pool 1 Cudmore Fishery

Firstley before I start I would just like to Thank Frank @ Cudmore fishery for allowing us to use keepnets on their silver fish pool. Secondley to my Brother in law Richard for allowing me to catch more fish than him on my birthday :).

We decided to fish 10:30 am – 4:30pm, we arrived around 8:30am and dived straight in for a breakfast and I must say the breakfast was fantastic, and again a feature of my blogs it was probabley the biggest bite of the day.

On arrriving to the pegs we agreed as per usual that the 1st carp caught would result in fetching the cuppa teas,

10:30am  and richard was fishing, what rigs / setup he had i dont know but it was pole / feeder tactics, He shouted accross “its not very deep” but i had heard off others that it was pretty deep so i  plumbed up past his 10m line to 14 meters and I did indeed find 6ft +  at this distance and with the water being extremely cold  this was the depth I decided to fish.

I pole fished chopped worm and caster and Richard fished micros, corn, maggot, and later on worm. It was very windy and I was struggling to hold the pole at 14m, but I stuck at it as my catch rate seemed slightly quicker than Richards and the stamp of fish slightly better. About 2Hrs through the session I hooked a barbel around 8lb (im not the best judge in the world so could of been 5lb :) but it was my birthday so we will say 8lb) and after a decent fight it was coming towards the net on its back only for the hook to pull free, devastated was an understatment because it would of been a pool caught Barbel PB but it wasnt to be, anyway at about 2pm neither of us had caught  a carp so we decided the next person to catch a fish gets the tea, and bloody typical I was instantly into a 1lb Hybrid so off I went for the cups of tea.

we both caught steady all day in pretty bad conditions and to be honest we had fairly decent weight in the end he had 20lb and I had 30lb we both caught silvers / Tench with no Carp which I liked, and I really do think with less wind we may have doubled that weight. I’m sure we will both be back there again at some point for some top class fishing at a top class venue

My catch


Merrington Coarse Fishery

 I fished Merington Coarse Fishery today on the match pool. The pool is 13m wide and fairly featurless in its winter condition but im sure its beutiful in the summer. After setting up i fished about a metre from the far bank where i caught roach, and it took a good few hours to get them going and although I love catching roach they were getting smaller every put in. So with me getting fed up i fed 2 large cups of swim stim green 3mm micros into 12″ of water on the far bank as i was going to throw the bait away anyway when i packed up, anyway i thought i better leave this swim for a while so decided to go off for a cuppa at the cabin which i must add is 1st class. Anyway after a chinwag and a cuppa 30mins later fishing to the far bank, and what a master stoke feeding that line was i was hooking a carp a chuck allthough they were very small i had a cracking day in the end i lost countless fish though trying to get them away from the dieing far bank growth but then thats fishing :)
IMG_4783I wish i had taken more pic, and i will next time.